Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

From afar, Misys feels like a soap opera sometimes. Just like watching the dead twin brother come back to life and marry the sister of his ex-wife who has moved on and married someone else while waiting for the dead brother to be found, Misys somehow continues to have these crazy storylines. The collapse of Lehman Brothers has postponed the deal and potentially could kill it. After over 6 months of people working on this deal, it seems insane that it would collapse. Only 6 days before the closing Of course, all this is on the heals of the iMedica story which is on the heals of many 0ther crazy twists and turns. I hope that it goes through for all who have worked on this deal for so long. I know a lot of planning and painful decisions have occurred, and I for one am interested in seeing how they play out. I know a lot of people have been waiting to hear the outcome of the planning and what that will mean to them. I remember how painful that was when we were aquired. I hope that period is ended quickly for the people I know who have stayed at Misys or Allscripts. Lots of good people....

I won the Best Dressed Fan (ok, maybe it is really the most obnoxious fan) award from the Tampa tailgate. I am honored. We absolutely had a blast at the tailgate. Mike thought that his gator family should have won, but I guess that would have been the best dressed fans award. Plus, I am pretty sure it some kind of child abuse to dress your child up in gator clothes. You should always put pretty orange Tennessee outfits on them instead. My cousin, who also went to Tennesee, summed it up best in an email today. "I am glad you are making all those gators want to throw up orange. You definitely know how to take one for the team :)"

Morgan decided to put a penny into my lighter socket in the car yesterday. Of course, the lighter and the radio (and some other lights) went out. The very nice people at the Mazda dealership fixed it right away without even requiring an appointment. They are awesome. I love the dealership here. Zoom Zoom...

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