Saturday, September 6, 2008

Survived Another Week

Other than the subway nightmare, the rest of the week was pretty good. I am still battling my kidney stone, and I am struggling with what to do since I really don't think I can handle getting a stent right now. If anyone has suggestions on how they handle kidney stones, please leave a comment.

I leave for Vegas 2 weeks from today for a conference. I am excited. Of course, that will also be the weekend Tennessee plays Florida. I don't think I will bet much on that game. :) I am hoping that they have figured out that strange part of football called points by then. :) Thankfully, the Vols were off today. Hopefully, they can recover from that UCLA game and do great in the next several. The rest of the family teams did well (well, not South Carolina but my mom doesn't seem to crushed). 

We went to PF Chang's for the Michael and Mike Birthday dinner last night. Morgan got to go because her choreography camp was cancelled last night due to the choreographer packing up his things in case hurricane IKE came before he got back. I could do without Dana and her parents at any meal, but they were pleasant and it was fine. Today, Michael had a party at the Ice Forum (although it was a laser tag party - not ice skating). It was the same place Morgan had her party, and it was kind of funny to see the look of confusion on the party host's face when she saw me walk in.  I think they had fun. Happy Birthday Mike! Happy Birthday Michael!

Morgan had choreography camp today for about 8 hours. That is a LONG time to have 9, 10, and 11 year olds be quiet. :) They were remarkably quiet, and I said something to Morgan. She said that they told them that they would have a crappy routine if the choreographer couldn't concentrate. :) 

Michael bough Rock Band today for his PS2/PS3. The kids have had a blast playing guitar, drums, and singing.  Now Morgan wants to get it for the Wii. :)

I didn't get to watch McCain's speech, but I did get to watch Palin's speech. She was AMAZING. I wasn't so sure about her as a choice at first, especially after hearing of the pregnant teen daughter and the trooper investigation, but I have to say that I think she did a FANTASTIC job in her speech. She is a great speaker, and she has a great delivery method. Some of the lines in her speech cracked me up. I especially loved the hockey mom/pig line, the putting the jet on eBay line, and the getting rid of the chef at the governor's mansion story.  She seems like she will buck the system, but she seems like she will be classy about it.

Speaking of VP speeches, Morgan decided to run for VP of her student council. For anyone who knows her, you can imagine how far my jaw dropped to the floor when I heard this. Speaking in front of crowds (ok, speaking in front of people she doesn't know well in general) isn't exactly Morgan's strength. However, she gave her speech many times, and she won her class and her pod and now goes to the school election. WOO HOO! I am very, very proud of her. Her speech is awesome, and I am happy that she is wanting to get involved. I will try to post a video of her speech.

It looks like Ike is going to miss us, but I keep hearing these possible tracks that could still bring it our way. So, I think I will be cautiously optomistic right now.  I hope that poor New Orleans is spared. 

I downloaded Google Chrome. So far, it seems pretty cool. I can't figure out how to hide the address bar in an application (like Clinician) yet, but I have enjoyed playing around in it. 

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