Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday - On the Road Again

Since we got home so late, it was rough to make it out again to the airport for a 2pm flight. I had phone meetings all morning, and I was frantically doing laundry and packing at the same time. FUN!

I met Liz in Atlanta and got the rental car (not sure what rental car god I angered to get a Ford Escort). We headed to Athens a bit worried about traffic. Thankfully, it wasn’t bad. However, the rental car had a governor on it. It kept beeping at me when I got above 75 that it was nearing “top speed,” and that was really annoying. 80 was as fast as it would go. Weird. It also had terrible handling.

We checked into the Indigo Hotel. I hadn’t ever heard of it, and I was surprised to know it was in the Holiday Inn chain. It is like a copy cat version of the W Hotels, but it also has a “green” twist. For example, your room key has to go into a slot in the room (like in Europe) to keep the power on. We decided later that it is all a marketing ploy because it doesn’t even turn off the TV. I left my TV on thinking that it would shut off when I left and removed the key, but it was still on when I returned (even after the room was cleaned!). It did turn off the bathroom lights and changed the temperature to 72. The hotel was nice though, and the staff were very friendly and helpful.
As we are walking to dinner at the Last Resort, Liz tells me her birthday is Wednesday. I felt horrible that I scheduled the trip on her birthday. Bummer. The Last Resort was PACKED with kids there for orientation at UGA. We put our name in the list for an hour wait, but we decided to wander around. We found the Taco Stand and ate there instead. It was a little odd, but it was really good. I thought the fish tacos were amazing.

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