Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Neal Family Reunion

Today was FREE TIME! We always joke about free time in our family. We started the day with a 4ish mile walk with Grams, Papa, Mike, and I. We went by Joan and John’s house, and then went down by the seawall. Galveston still has a lot to go to recover from the hurricane, but it has also come a long way. Many buildings were new, and many had been repaired.

After our walk, we had breakfast and then Mike took the boys to see the Moody Gardens exhibits. Grams, Morgan, and I went to the butterfly exhibit. It was pretty small, and I think we saw more butterflies outside than inside. However, they did have this play area of mazes and education info at the end. We did enjoy that (even though it was HOT!). Even Grams got into the action as she “flew” on the butterfly zipline. We I took the girls to the Teen Spa (FANTASTIC IDEA). We signed them up for a mani and pedi for later in the afternoon, and we went to the pool. Chocolate milkshakes were had, and I had fun having drinks with the Neal family crew. I hear that someone wiped some drink on someone’s pants…hmmm…too bad I missed that part! We had a great time.

The girls LOVED the teen spa. They got their nails done, and then we all took a shower for the Neal Family Portrait. My group wore blue shirts, the Neals wore red (LOTS of red shirts), and the Hyatts wore green. It should be an awesome picture. :)

For dinner, we went to the Fisherman’s Wharf. We had a FABULOUS dinner with a beautiful view of the water. The old ship, Elissa, was right off the balcony, and she is beautiful. The food and wine were great, and the company was even better.
We ended up playing “Family Feud” with mom playing the part of “Richard.” It was a lot of fun even though our team lost. :)

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