Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Neal Family Reunion

I got up and went for a run on the Seawall. It was really windy out, and then the wind came from the side along the seawall. I did 5 miles, and I was SOAKED when I got to the hotel. We went to the water park called Schlitterbahn. It was AWESOME! It had the fancy bracelets you can buy that let you put money on them and then you don’t need to carry a wallet (since you are in the water). I love that! Mike, Tracy, Mike, and I spent some quality family time at the pool bar. It happened to make awesome chocolate milkshakes, so the kids also liked it. :)

We rode several rides (some pretty fast!), and we floated on the river in the tube several times. It even has a white water section. VERY FUN!

Friday night, we ate at the “boat club” by the water. We had BBQ. It was very nice to be outside, have good food, and be able to mill around and chat. After dinner, the kids went swimming while the adults talked. GREAT DAY!

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