Friday, April 25, 2008

Fun Times

I swear that you cannot make this stuff up. I really need to write a book. My day was pretty busy on Tuesday as I ended up cramming tons of meetings into one day as everyone wanted to meet this week. Since I am in Ohio from Wednesday to Friday, all of the meetings ended up on Tuesday. I was excited about getting my EEE PC, but then I received notice from the vendor I purchased it from (through Amazon) that it wasn’t shipped overnight but instead was shipped USPS 1 - 3 day priority mail. BUMMER. No way to even track it or anything. So, I give up on that idea, and I rush off to get Morgan so that she can be in her Earth Day musical. I hadn’t left my desk in hours due to the meetings, so I was needing a restroom but had no time. I got Morgan and we rushed off to her school. We arrive just in time for me to finally get to the restroom and then to get first pick of seats. So, I pick the first row and I am all proud of myself for getting those seats and for getting enough for our friends.

The Earth Day musical begins and I realize that the instructor is directly in front of me. So, I mainly see his hands waving the whole time. I do get to see Morgan and Emma though. Not that I am against the environment or the earth or anything, but it seems that they might be taking this stuff a bit too far with kids these days. Morgan now gets all upset when trees are cleared to build a neighborhood or the mall that is being built near us because it is destroying the animals’ homes. Geez. Now, this musical is going on and on about recycling computers and such. They are really into it. Here are some pictures.

We get home around 8, and nobody is home. Weird. My in-laws have been living with us, and they are usually there. I know that they went to Gainesville for the day, so I think that maybe they stopped on the way back to get something. About 9:30, I am worried. I call their cell phones and they go to voicemail. I call Mike. He agrees that it is weird, but there is no reason to panic. By 11:00, I am panicking. They are usually in bed WAY before then, and it is odd that they haven’t called because they are keeping Morgan the next three days while I am in Ohio. I start to realize that making the 6:15 flight is very unlikely. I let Travis know and start calling hospitals. I finally call Sprint, and they were very helpful. They say that they added roadside assistance to their bill during the day and they check to see if they had the car toed. After a really long time, she comes back and says that they ordered it but didn’t use it. She says the phone hasn’t been used since 4 and gives me the number. This number is Medicare. Hmmmm….I call to cancel my flight, but we had already printed our boarding passes so I couldn’t cancel until after the flight or it would cancel Travis and Krishan too. I called Travis at almost 4, and then I finally went to sleep. I couldn’t think of anything else to do. I sleep for about 30 minutes and then the phone wakes me up. Krishan is calling to see where I am parked. He hadn’t talked to Travis yet and he had decided to actually part in the extended parking instead of in his usual offsite place. A few hours later, the crisis is over and the in-laws are located safe but with a broken car that is being fixed. The phones had died and they didn’t have our numbers.

I drop Morgan at the bus, and my check engine light comes on. SHIT. You have got to be kidding. I go back to the house and get ready. For some crazy reason, I freaking locked the bedroom door on my way out and don’t even realize it. Then, I realize that my cell charger is in my room. I go up there and the door is locked!!! Ughl…I finally figure out how to pick it after trying with a paper clip and then a coat hanger. I practiced on Morgan’s door and finally got it. Just as I was leaving the house, my eee PC came to the door.. WOOO HOOOO! FINALLY something good happened. I run by the Mazda place on my way out, and they say that it is safe to drive but to bring it back after my trip. Whew.

I fly to Columbus on a non-stop flight,and I played with the eee pc. I LOVE it. It is amazing. I can’t get over how awesome it is. It is only two pounds and does everything. In Ohio, we meet for dinner at Ronettis. It was pretty good but the service was a little slow.
We were at the Holiday Inn Express in London, OH again. Krishan’s room had an LCD TV, but mine didn’t. Travis’s room didn’t have a refrigerator but Julie, Krishan, and I did. Overall, it is a good place to stay even though I had a small shower issue (nasty stuff was coming out of the shower until they replaced it).

Sometimes, in the EMR business, it is easy to forget how much paper there is in the medical world. As we try to tackle complex things, it is hard to remember how manual the paper environment is. Here are some pictures of the paper in ONE department.

We had meetings all day on Thursday, and they went well. That evening, we went to the gas station and bought some beer and Smirnoff ice. We drank several of those and then went to eat at the Mexican restaurant nearby. Our waiter was name Jesus, snd Jesus was fabulous at making margaritas. We had a few too many, and then we went back to the hotel and drank our beer and Smirnoff. We had a great time chatting about life, work, family, and everything in the middle. We laughed and laughed and laughed.. Of course, the laughing stopped this morning when we had to get up and go back to the meetings Rough… Now, I am on the flight back. I took some pictures of some funny things…

I am so ready to be home for a few weeks. I have been traveling too much lately. I am not traveling for work again until May 19th.

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