Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rain Cloud

What a week. To borrow a quote from a friend of mine, "I think a rain cloud is over my head today." Just when I think things should start to calm down - WHAM! First, I realize that my kidney stone is bothering me. Next, I have a fever. Hmmm....So, being the kind of person who always does as she should, I head straight for the urgent care instead of the urologist (who I know will have other plans for my life than the urgent care). I get my antibiotic and move on. Whew. Knocked that right out didn't I? Oh yeah says the world. Cough, sneeze, sneeze, cough, hack, crap. I either have a bad sinus infection or a cold or something. What gives? I have had more colds and coughs and sneezes this year than any year in my life. It just keeps coming. What gives? I live in freaking FLORIDA where you would think that these annoying things would be less commong. So, I am dealing with this stuff and wondering if Nyquil and pain medicine would be bad together? Ok, so maybe I will just suffer with the cold stuff.

We had parent team practice tonight. I have to say that this parent team thing has been one of the funniest things ever. From watching Mike and Mark get lessons on how to grab a woman's butt, to hearing the comments about how we are old and can't move that fast, to watching all of us try to learn what our children do so gracefully, to wondering who this mysterious Mrs. Patterson is who I have heard about for a long time but haven't met (that I know of - it is like the pretend friend of someone I start to imagine). However, we have laughed our way right through it. Even though I felt like crap, I went to practice tonight anyway because I needed some good laughs. Just as I am trying to stretch, someone says, "Hey Amy, THIS is Mrs. Patterson!" How hysterical. She really DOES exist. I have met a lot of parents that I didn't previously know, and it has generally just been really fun (and pretty good exercise too - do we really have to do the tumbling piece 20 times each practice? :) )

So, life is good. I am happy when I leave parent practice. Then, Morgan says. I got a B on my spelling test because Mrs. Foster couldn't see the dots on my eyes. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. She spelled every word correctly but she missed two because the dot wasn't prominent enough? Seriously. Silly me, I thought a SPELLING test was about SPELLING. Apparently not. :) So, then we are driving down the interstate in our happy little states (even though I am still a little miffed about the spelling test), and all of the sudden my car just won't go any faster. I am pushing the gas pedal, but it is not moving any faster. In fact, it is SLOWING down. What is going on? Did I put it into neutral or something? Why is the gas pedal acting all weird like it is pulsing or something under my foot. Oh, this so cannot be good. I put on my hazard lights. OF COURSE, I have this jerk behind me who is riding my bumber. HELLO! Hazard lights usually mean something has gone wrong so could you back off so I can get out of the way? Morgan helps me get over as I am paranoid that a car is going to ram into me as I change lanes and move onto the side of the road. I frantically check the gas. Half a tank. Is it overheated? Nope, temp is good. Any lights? No. Did I forget to get the oil changed or something? Nope, it was done recently. What the freak? So, I call Mike and realize he is on the plane. Damn. I call Mark. No answer. I call Travis. Thankfully, he answered as I was nearing panic mode on the side of 275 at night with cars flying by me. I do NOT want to get out of the car as it might be the last thing I do (the shoulder is very narrow and I am by a bridge or something - imagine the luck).

Travis says that it is probably not in gear or something. I laugh because that is the reason I have an automatic so that I don't have to understand the gears. :) He tells me to put it into reverse and then into drive and to keep changing the gears. Nothing. I push the gas, and it BARELY moves. It does move, but hardly at all. And the gas is still doing this weird pulsing thing. Travis says he will call me back in 60 seconds and will come get me. I tell him I have AAA and will be fine, and he says he will call back. I turn off the car and try think of what could possibly be wrong. Morgan is asking a million questions a minute. What is that annoying blinking sound? What are we going to do? How are we going to get home? What is wrong? Why won't it move? I answer that the annoying blinking lights are there to keep someone from killing us. Ok, so admittedly, it might not have been the best answer. Of course, my little Morgan says, I like the blinking lights. I crack up. Thank GOD for Morgan as she always seems to make me laugh.

Finally, I decide that I am just going to see if I can get down the road away from this bridge-like thing even if it is at 1/100th of a mile per hour. As I move, the gas is still jerking. I put it into reverse and into drive 3 times, and all of the sudden she starts working again! LET THERE BE REJOICING! I call Travis to tell him that I am ok and on the way home after I have gone a good 2 minutes without incident. I am hesitant to pass the rest area (yes, my house is past the rest area) as it might be the last safety stop. I make it all the way home without incident. Whew.

So much for life being calm. However, I guess if it were calm, then it wouldn't be much fun and there wouldn't be very many good stories to tell. :)


  1. When it rains, it pours. Get healthy, 'cause B & I are excited about our FL trip in a couple of days!!

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