Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ramblings of a cheer parent

Cheer season is officially over - well for about 3 more weeks. :) The end of the year banquet was tonight, and it was much fancier than our previous gym's end of the year party. The girls all dressed up, and the parents did too. :) Morgan, Katie, and I all got our nails and hair done. We had some fun girl bonding time as we went shopping too. Yes, I actually went shopping. Twice! At the banquet, Mike, Mark, and I all got trophies. :) Of course, somehow my last name was spelled wrong and Mike's was spelled right. Hmmmmm......Anyway, it was really nice of the gym and/or coaches to get us some bling. :) I especially felt proud walking by all of the parents who didn't do it with 3 trophies and 3 NCA neck pillows. :)

This last week has been a blur. Hopefully, I will be better at blogging more often now that cheer is over for this year. I went to Iowa on Monday for a management meeting at MediNotes. We were greeted at the airport with t-shirts from Iowa. Very nice. I love mine (even though I broke my orange ball all over it - it came out thankfully). We were there until Thursday. I have to say that Des Moines was very nice. We even had nice weather (it was even warmer there one day than Tampa!) Our meetings were great, and we seemed to really bond as a group. We ate at Rube's Steakhouse on Monday (a grill your own steak place), and it was really good. It was pretty funny watching all of us try to figure out when the steaks were done (well except for Krishan who was happily eating potatoes). I hadn't been to one of those in a long time. Tuesday, we ate at Famous Dave's for BBQ. I always think of Papa when I hear about or eat at Famous Dave's. Wednesday, we ate at Champps sports place. All of them were great. Several of us had a good time hanging out in the evenings at the hotel and getting to know each other. It was certainly nice to get to know people face to face. Everyone was very nice, and I appreciated the hospitality.

Thursday, I landed in Tampa and rushed to the USF Sundome to try to catch Morgan's performance. Somehow, I made it!!! It seems that I tend to have bad luck when trying to accomplish "just in time arrival" but it worked out this time! Maybe the streak has been broken. :) The fraternity boys at USF were put on early to provide some humor for the crowds, and some parents of the girls got upset that they were a little too much for them. I guess Mike and I must be pretty relaxed as I didn't really think it was that bad. I thought it was pretty funny actually, and Morgan didn't seem to think much about it at all. She was more grossed out that they started off lying on the floor with their heads "near their privates." Of course, that was just a formation on the floor before getting started. She didn't seem to notice any of the dance moves as being too much. Regardless, the girls did great. As Kelly said at the banquet, the finished the year to a standing ovation. :)

Friday, we went to an Old Gold parent team party. It was fun to hang out with the crew and laugh about the event. We got to watch the video. It is pretty funny.

I ordered an Asus EEE pc today. I am soooo excited to get it. I will post a review when it comes. I am wanting something small and light to use all the time. On another note, I went to get some RAM for my laptop today, and I was simply amazed that I can get a brand new HP laptop with 2 GB RAM and 160 GB hard drive and some crazy processor for $429. However, getting 2 GB of Ram for my laptop is $300. Geez... It is hard to justify saving the old one. :(

Morgan is always talking about being a cheerleader in college (let's hope all of her hard work and my money gets her a scholarship somewhere - Tennessee?). Anyway, I saw this story recently about Six Flags starting a professional cheerleading team. Interesting. Seems like an interesting idea.

One other note before I call it a post. :) I decided to do a trial of quicken online tonight. It is truly amazing how far this product has come. I used to use Quicken years ago, but it is so much more automated now. I decided that I would try it again since I am constantly making spreadsheets for my info. You can now use it online for $2.99 a month (less than a latte as their ad says). They have a 30 day trial here. The PC version is 60 bucks, so 2.99 a month doesn't seem that bad.

132 days until college football starts and my Vols take the field. This time of year is rough!!

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