Monday, March 31, 2008

Back from Ohio

What a blur of a weekend. Travis and I left the freezing cold Ohio hotel parking lot around 5:15 am. Did I mention that it was cold? Of course, Travis has to make it an adventure by turning by spraying the windshield and using the wipers. Of course, that doesn't melt all of the ice on the car, but thankfully it doesn't make it worse. The windows are all fogged up, but Travis starts driving anyway with his head leaning out the window. Thankfully, we just went to the gas station next door. Twenty minutes later, my fingers had thawed and my heart had calmed. :)

We both get window seats, and I read most of the way back. A fellow cheer mom had loaned me a book called The Gift. It was a typcial chick book (basically, neighbors meet and fall in love OVER A WEEKEND and years later have a car accident that puts her into a coma. He has to decide whether to honor her wishes and turn off life support or to keep her on it). It was pretty powerful in parts, but it was also pretty cheesy. :) Anyway, it entertained me on the flight up and the flight back.

I pick Morgan up at her friends house on the way home. Her friend Victoria has an electric scooter (Razor), and Morgan has fallen in love with it. She decides to use the money she had been saving for one. We get it, and go home (FINALLY). Matthew helps us put it together, and it starts to charge. Morgan is bummed that you have to wait 12 hours to use it, but she gets over it. Mike and I went looking for a new couch. We are thinking about a sectional couch. Anyone have any good or bad experiences with a sectional? Mike remembers his coming apart often when he had one a long time ago.

As if the day hasn't been busy enough, it was cheer mom's night out at the Dallas Bull to celebrate several birthdays. We head off in a carivan (after Denise gets us lost), and we have a great time dancing and hanging out at the Dallas Bull. It was pretty funny to watch some of these women ride the mechanical bull. I was thrilled when Rocky Top was played. Mike and Matthew ended up meeting us there, and Mike was happy to hear Cupid's Shuffle (even the country version). There were some very strange things there like the gator or something. Disgusting.

Sunday, we had parent team practice again for 2 hours. I am not as sore this time, but my legs are starting to hurt some. Mark kept asking me if he had a bruise on his chin (he was clocked in the jaw by the woman he was picking up in the air for a "chair"), but I didn't see one. We still have a long way to go to be ready, so we are having practice Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or Sunday. I can't believe that we will be in Daytona in less than 2 weeks for the LAST cheer competition of the year (and our lovely parent team performance).

The weekend was over much too soon, but today was a pretty good day. My brain hurts though. :)

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  1. ha ha... you had to experience "the Gator," huh. Geez ou know when I first came here from NY I thought I was in "the wrong type of place" when I saw them do "the Gator" but hey- I DO live in Zhills, and well- I guess hats are used for more than just wearin' as they say in these parts. OYE!