Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Allisys or Myscripts

Crazy. Unbelievable. What an interesting news story.

Misys apparently paid Allscripts to take over the operation of the healthcare piece. Misys owns 54,5% of the new company, but Allscripts management will lead it. Misys has more board seats by 2 than Allscripts. Tullman is the CEO, and Lawrie is chairman of board.

I am not so surprised that they merged as the rumors had been around, but I haven't quite figured out how it makes sense. Even though I think Misys greatly overstates its number of physicians, even so, the combined wil have a lot of users. However, I wonder how many of them will now be in play? What product(s) will the combined company sell? It seems to be a bit much to combine all of that together, and time will tell how they do. I do think it is smart that they will be Allscripts after the transition. Allscripts has a better story to tell in the market. Seems like there is a large overlap in resources - at least in some departments?

One thing is for sure. The market is consolidating, and that is good for the market. I would imagine more will continue.

I forgot to post a picture from a week ago or so. I was in Pizza Hut, and I noticed the pizza box said "Pizza Hut My Way" and I cracked up laughing. I have been saying that Misys MyWay sounded like Burger King, but I guess it is more like Pizza Hut...

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