Saturday, March 29, 2008

Organ in London

We ended our tour of London, Ohio with a fantastic dinner at a private home that provides catering for word of mouth events. The location was absolutely amazing. The owner has a print shop in the main area of town. Above the print shop is his house, and it has beautiful wood floors, fantastic decorations, and an amazing organ. I guess I haven't really paid too much attention to the organs in church, but I have always loved the music from the organ.

Tim, the owner and chef, showed us the back of the organ. It was amazing to see all of the rows of pipes. Apparently, the organ came from Ohio University and originated in 1955. He showed us how when you pick up one of the pipes and blow on it, it sounds like one of the instruments. The instruments that have a reed like a clarinet have a reed in the pipe. The shutters outside of the pipes open and close to change the sound. He showed us how you "Pull out all of the stops" to adjust the sound. WOW...that thing gets LOUD as you pull our more and more stops. He played a beautiful him, and it was just wonderful. The meal was great too - Beef tenderloin or Chicken Cordon Bleu, green beans, potatoes, and a roll. The salad was great too, and the desert was cheesecake.

I was ultra impressed. He even had a large screen for us to show our presentation on. I have been to huge companies and hotels that didn't do half of the job that Tim did. I often think about living in a small town, and I do think I would like it. I know that gossip goes around quickly in smaller towns, but they do have personality and other benefits. I really enjoyed meeting the community in London, Ohio. I am sure it is even better in the summer when it is warm! :)

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