Sunday, March 16, 2008


Anxiously waiting for placing for the level 3 group

WOOO HOOO!!!! 1st Place!

After Saturday's competition, Morgan's mini team was barely in 2nd place - they were 0.12 points behind the first team. Since the second day counts 60% and the first day only 40%, it seemed likely that they would pull it out since they were undefeated so far for the year. Unfortunately, they had a rough day. One girls bow fell out, and another girl picked it up and wandered around with it for a while while missing part of the routine. I think they might need to give a refresher course on what to do if something falls off during the routine. :) So, they had 2 stunt issues (there was some debate on what a bobble means vs a fall because their rules were different than other competitions), and they ended up getting 3rd. No more undefeated...BUMMER....the girls have done such an amazing job this year, and I hope this doesn't cause them any issues.

On the other hand, Morgan's Youth team that has struggled some this year had two great days. They won first place and get National Championship jackets. Unfortunately, they didn't have them in Youth sizes, so they will need to be mailed to them. That was kind of a bummer, but the girls did SO well. You could see them fighting for every single piece. I saw several girls determined to stick their stunt and many girls fighting to stick their tucks. I was very proud to be wearing a Florida Wildcat shirt. Way to go girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more competition and the 08 season is over. In some ways, I am glad as it feels like we haven't been home at all, but in other ways it has been a really fun season. Morgan has many new friends, and Mike and I do too. :)

Fun Mike posing with the stilt man and his crazy balloon hat

Unfortunately, my Vols lost to Arkansas. The SEC tourney sounds crazy with the tornado hitting Atlanta. Poor Georgia had to play 2 games in the same day to advance to the final game, but they somehow managed to deal with it and win! Amazing...My poor Vols were knocked down to a 2 seed, but I am still excited to see how they do.

We went to watch Michael and Katie play their baseball and softball games. They both got to pitch, and it was so fun to watch them do so well at pitching. I have always wondered by baseball/softball parents aren't very sociable during the game, especially after being around all of the cheer parents. I have decided this weekend that it must be because you have to watch the baseball game the whole time for 2 hours, and in cheer you just have to really pay attention for 2.5 minutes while you child is out there. Of course, you watch the other teams (especially the ones your child is competing against and the really great level 5 teams), but if you miss some of it then it doesn't really matter). It might also be the tremendous time commitment that cheer involves and the amount of time that the parents spend together. The traveling certainly provides bonding experiences and helps you get to know additional people. I still think that the parents could be a little more fun at the baseball/softball games, but I am starting to accept it for what it is and understand why it is more subdued.

Michael pitching a perfect strike to end the game

Katie batting (none of my pictures of her pitching are that great. Maybe I will have to video it next time)

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