Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter, 7000 Cigarettes not smoked, GO VOLS

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter. The kids got up at the crack of dawn this morning to get their baskets. I always chuckle every Easter as Mike and I had different Easter bunnies growing up and we are never sure if his, mine, or ours will come to our house. For example, my Easter bunny arrived to find our colored eggs waiting for him to hide, but Mike's Easter bunny did not hide the eggs. My Easter bunny just hid things, but Mike's is patient enough to load little jelly beans in each egg. His family also does some cool thing with a golden egg which I am not sure about as I am just learning it this year and we haven't done it yet. :) I will keep you posted. Morgan said that she is going to tell her kids that the Easter bunny isn't real when they turn six. I told her that I wold remind her of that when she has kids who are 6. Katie then piped in and said, "I am going to wait until my kids are in 4th grade before I crush all of their dreams." I spit diet coke across the car on that one.

We had parent team practice yesterday for FOUR hours. I am so sore today that I could barely make it down the stairs ahead of the kids. The coach who is kind enough to put together a routine for us somestimes forgets his audience I think. He has me dropping to my knees and popping back up. Yeah right. My knees feel like they are bruised today. Meanwhile, the dads get these really easy moves. We were short a person yesterday, and thankfully Uncle Mark came to the rescue. Of course, he was even at more of a disadvantage as he doesn't even know the cheer vocabulary. Some of the looks on his face (and his cartwheel) were hysterical. THANKS UNCLE MARK for coming! YOU ROCK! The funniest part of the whole day was when we moved from S-L-O-W counting of 1 ---2---3---4---5---6---7---8 to music playing (not sure what the Beats per minute was but it is FAST) to 12345678...It was pretty funny to see us all try to adjust. Hopefully we can get it down. We learned the "tumbling passes," the cheer, and part of the dance.

My husband provided some thoughts on the Allscrpts-Misys merger here. It is always interesting to hear from people inside and outside the deal. So far, it appears that Allscripts employees seem to be positive on it and Misys employees seem to not be positive on it. Interesting. I wonder if some of that is because some of the Misys people were not so nice to some of the former-Misys people who may be running the show now? It is kind of like getting divorced, raiding all the assets, and then finding out that your ex is your boss. Oops... On another note, I was in Walgreens yesterday buying last minute Easter stuff (ha ha, I mean all of the Easter stuff was last minute). I noticed this BIG sign saying Malboro Reds $26.99 and under that it said that it was the lowest price in Tampa. Not sure it really is the lowest price, but the fact that the sign was so large and said $26.99 made me so happy that I don't need to buy those any more. Last year, we were in Daytona for a cheer competition over Easter weekend. I remember my mom going to get Easter stuff since it was difficult to do that with Morgan at that time. I remember trying to sneak around to see if I could get a cigarette in. Ugh. I know my loving, non-gloating husband will say I told you so, but it is so amazing how you get sucked in and will do almost anything to have that nicotine. Once you are freed from it, it is even more amazing that you used to do all that crazy stuff and pay all of that crazy money for it. I am so thankful for Athens Y Camp (well really Camp Chattooga) for the opportunity to volunteer there as that is what helped me quit. I am excited about going there this year for the 3rd year, and this time I don't even have to worry about the quitting part! I can only imagine how much more fun it will be. From my computer's counter - Amy - smoke free for Nine Months, Twenty Days, 18 Hours and 37 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 24 Days and 13 Hours, by avoiding the use of 7075 cigs that would have cost me $1,217.37. I spent $212 on patches. Somehow, the 24 days part seems kind of like a rip off, but I can't believe that I would have smoked 7,000 cigarettes since last JUNE!!!!!!! I think if we could somehow get smokers to realize how free you feel after quitting, I think more people would quit. I would have never believed you though. Eash time I tried to quit, I always had this part of me that was sad and wondered how I could just reason having one. It wasn't until I decided that I would never have one, and I actually grieved the loss of them like the loss of a friend, that I got over it. To anyone trying to quit, keep going no matter how hard it is. I promise, it gets easier.

Update - the egg hunt was fun. Basically, the group goes and looks for eggs as a team. Each egg has a clue on where to find the next one. For example, one was in the hitch tube on Mike's truck and one was inside the water softener. It was fun.

GO BIG ORANGE!!! Way to hang on and make it to the Sweet Sixteen. I need to start some smack talk with Lynn about Louisville. I am not sure the Vols have what it takes to win it all this year, but it sure is fun to know they actually have a chance at it! GO VOLS!

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