Sunday, March 2, 2008

More HIMSS Updates

For some reason in the days before HIMSS, Misys called and invited Travis and I to their reception that was on Tuesday night. The marketing person who spoke to them said that they could add us to the guest list but that she wasn't sure we could go. At HIMSS, Vern personally asked Travis if we were coming. At the last minute, on Tuesday at the end of the show, Travis calls me and wants me to meet him out front where the cabs are. Of course, I had told Mike I would meet at the Onbase booth/bar, so I asked Tony to let him know. I rushed to where Travis was, and I ran through the pouring rain to get into the cab. Lovely. Wet poodle look for the reception - just what I was wanting. :)

The reception was very nice. There were a few people there from my Misys days, and there were many who I didn't recognize. We did get to meet the new head of "solutions" which appears to be Mike Pritts old job. He came from GE. It will be interesting to see how he does. We had a few yummy treats like Filet in pastry and shrimp with a quick cocktail and then we were on our way out. We had good timing as we ran into Vern (the only reason we went was to say hi to Vern since he had asked us to come). It was good to chat with him for a few minutes. We left and went to the hotel to meet the team for dinner.

The next day, I run into a friend who used to be at Misys and hear that the rumor is that we crashed the Misys reception. I just want to make sure it is known that we went because we were asked TWICE. We certainly wouldn't crash a reception. I noticed that none of the Misys crew was at the Histalk reception. Interesting....

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