Sunday, March 16, 2008

Out with a bang

In typical Bond style, we had to have a little celebration. I mean, what good is a life/company changing event without a little party action? :) So, we had our "unbonding" event Friday night where we all let loose, shared some stories, laughed a lot, remembered some college drinking games, drove kids jeeps and bikes, and got closer to our old friend Jack. I think the change is starting to become real to everyone, and Mark even answered his phone as "MediNotes, this is Mark" at the end of Friday. So, I am hoping that we will all start to settle into the newness this week and get back to being the most productive group in the market. :)

Some quotes from the party...

"It bounces higher if you bounce it on the head's side"

"When I was in college, I was dating this hot girl until she decided she was a lesbian." Response without missing a beat, "Was that right after you took off your underwear"

"I will get into the pool if she will"

"You are letting her mix you a drink?"

Travis telling the story about wanting to become a urologist after watching a penile transplant

"Is that really 4 men in that hottub?"

"Drink, asshole!"

"I am president and asshole at the same time!"


"Get in the water or you are fired!!"

Really, how hard could it be?"

In the beginning, everyone is sober, smiling politely for the pictures....

Heather in the birthday tiara playing with Camden...

And then the fun begins....

Running over the competition

WEEEEE....this is fun!!

You guys are crazy. I had better sit here for a bit to keep you all out of trouble.

Oh, look, I found Halo Boy. Let me hold his halo for him...
My turn, My turn!

What are you looking at? You think this was MY idea?
Good thing the kids aren't here, they might be jealous...

Trust me, you don't want to know...

College days coming back...

To 92B...

Chug it, chug it, chug it!


  1. Ha ha ha I can't believe James Bond made it into the picture hall of fame!

    That would be the white rat that looks a bit like a cat...

    I marvel that the Jeep is five years old, has lived through three kid drivers and multiple Bond parties. I'd post it to Amazon, but I don't think parents want to see this kind of photo when they are buying gifts for their precious tykes.

    Best of all, thank you for not posting photos of my Christmas tree.

  2. OMG, We are a fun family.
    Best of all the "Bond" that keeps us all together will always be there.
    "The original"
    Bond Clinician team.
    Reminds me of the old "Is it live or is it memorex" ads. I prefer original and live.
    We are LIVE and will always be.
    HMMMM... "The world is not enough".
    ok yes thats a Bond film.
    Bond Medical will "Die another day"
    and they have a "licence to kill" as reseller.
    God I have great kids. You all know who you are.
    Ok Amy here's a bubb bye just for you. Your awesome.