Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Change, Wiffle Ball, Orange Stress Balls

A friend sent me this today as it relates to something I had posted recently. I thought it was very fitting. As we are trying to merge two companies together, it sometimes is painful. Everyone is trying so hard to not upset each other that it is sometimes painful. I hope that we get through this period of sensitivity soon. I am ready to unify and move forward. :)

We have had quite a bit of fun with our new orange stress balls (of course, orange was the PERFECT color for me). Here are some pictures of everyone showing off their new toys. We have only had one break (mine of course).

Today, we played wiffle ball at lunch in the park across the street. I am not sure I have ever played wiffle ball before today. We played in honor baseball season opening (Boston and Oakland playing in Japan). We had a fabulous time even though there were a few incidents. Remember when I said my legs were killing me from parent team practice? Well, running bases isn't so good when your legs are in that condition. So, I took a spill between 2nd and 3rd when my legs decided that they didn't want to move any more. :) Travis also tackled Bill at home, and Amanda almost took down Ivan. Millie perfected the dancing wiffle ball hit, and Jay slid into the base like a pro. I think Lee, Ivan, Millie, and Travis had the best hits. Thanks to Millie for being my designated runner after the fall. :) Thanks to Lee for organizing such a fun event.

Bill, the fantastic third base coach feeling a little ill after all that running and seeing stars after colliding with Travis.
It was a great time, and I think we should do weekly games in the park. I think we should play horse on the basketball court next in honor of the NCAA tournament. :)
My husband, who I have been trying to get to blog on a regular basis for a while now, is suddenly all into blogging again now that Inga mentioned him on her blog. Thanks Inga, now I have to hear about how he got a two paragraph mention. He is cracking me up. Seriously, blogging is an amazing thing. I love to watch the search terms that people put in to find my blog. I love it when I can find blogs that have info on things I am looking for. My mom doesn't get blogging, and I have a hard time explaining what is so great about it. The developers have a private blog where they share thoughts, and they have really enjoyed it.

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