Friday, March 13, 2009

Boston Trip

I left for Boston on Thursday. I was excited to see Bill and Steve on Thursday, and I was excited for a work meeting. I have to note the coolest gesture I have seen in a long time that happened on the plane. We were just sitting there, and this man comes up to a military guy in the row in front of me and tells the military guy that he can have his first class seat. The first class guy took the military guy's seat. It was a really neat thing to see. Glad to know that there are still nice people around.

Bill and Steve came to the hotel first, and we had a couple of beers. Then, we piled into a taxi and went to Fire and Ice. It is a Mongolian Barbeque place, and it was really good. There was a birthday girl there, and she was pretty funny when we were at the grill. I had shrimp and steak stir fry, and it was EXCELLENT. I stuck with the 1 chili pepper terriyaki sauce. They had some that were 3 chili peppers on the sign, but I knew that wasn't for me.

Then, we went to Grendel's Den. We thought it was the place from Good Will Hunting, but Steve found out we were off a little. It was a fun place though. We were laughing because they bartender handed us a menu of beer. Bill orderd a Bud Light, and the guy just points to the menu. Bill's like, "Just a Bud Light." Then, we realize that he was pointing because of what is on the bottom of the menu. It said, "No Bud, No Coors, No Coors Lite, No Bud Light, No Michelob, BASTA." Hee hee...what beer snobs. Anyway, we got our beer and hung out for a while. There was a girl with a really sparkly dress on that showed a LOT of her boobs. She was quite the hit of the bar. There was this other girl who kept bumping into people and apologizing every 3 seconds. We met two people from LA - one who found out his first book sold the same night that his hotel was wrecked by a hurricane.

After Grendel's, we went to some Tommy place across the street. I felt VERY short there as there were a TON of tall people - even women! Upstairs was PACKED, but downstairs was charming. We laughed because there was a coat check room for $2 so everyone had just started piling their coats on a table. Then, each person would dig through the coats to find their coat. We watched Syracuse win in 6 OTs in their tournament game. WOW. I haven't ever seen that many OTs in basketball before.

The meeting on Friday was great, and it was fun to talk to different people. The flight back was rather uneventful which is always good. I got home around midnight. Goodbye Friday the 13th!

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  1. I've seen that on a couple of flights, before! Andrew almost ALWAYS got upgraded on flights when he was traveling in uniform, too. Of course, that was pre-packed-flights-days...