Monday, March 2, 2009

Change of State

When matter changes from one state to another, it is called change of state. Usually, this involves a temperature change. So, I am pretty sure I went through a few temperature changes today. First, Morgan was sick with a fever and a cough again. UGH. Mike is also sick. I am still hacking up a lung. So, off we go to the doctor first thing this morning. Gotta love it. Apparently, half of Tampa also had the same issue, so the office was packed. Not quiet as efficient as Malaysia but pretty damn good, Dr. Yousef got us in and out. A shot for daddy and none for Morgan. It was the only smile on Morgan's face for hours when she found out that the tables were turned and DADDY would get a shot and she wouldn't. He said that he would rather try basic stuff first with Morgan.

Prescriptions in hand, we go to the pharmacy where it is of course an hour wait. Do they ever say anything else?

Morgan says that Dairy Queen will make her so much better, so off we go for some ice cream. :)

After being gone for a couple of weeks, it was very odd. I felt out of touch for many things and right like I had never left in others. Weird. I played catch up and got several things knocked off my list.

Morgan is feeling better and has no temp tonight, so off to school tomorrow! :)

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