Saturday, March 14, 2009

SEC Tourney Game

The Chick Fil A cows crashed the party from the roof.

This is a jacket Morgan found today. It is a size 4T. LOL. I could NOT believe she could ZIP it.

Dark picture but Morgan in her Tennessee shirt, checkerboard hat, and her T stickers on her face. That's my girl! :)

From the seats

I LOVE it when he runs in with the flag!

This morning, I called about tickets to the SEC Tournament in Tampa. I was surprised that they were reasonable, so Morgan, Mark, Michael, and I went to the game (Katie didn't want to go, and Chris had a baseball game that Mike was watching).

We had corner seats in the lower level. We arrived during the Mississippi State - LSU game. Mississippi State was winning the whole time, and they won 67-57, Mark and I were SO happy to know that they still haven't changed the cheer since we were kids. It is pretty easy. Go State, Go State! SOOO creative. :)

Then, the Tennessee-Auburn game started. Tennessee started looking awesome. Then, they started making really dumb mistakes. Then, they took over and were never down the rest of the game. We had a great time cheering and yelling! I was arguing with this guy that Tennessee hadn't been to the final game since 91. He kept saying they had been. I remember that game because the campus in Knoxville was going crazy and loving it. I was still in college when they went to the final game the last time, and we all know that was a long time ago (not as long ago as Mark my OLDER brother, but I digress). Anyway, they had a pretty crappy year that year during the regular season (not surprising as they typically did in those years). Then, they went won 3 games to make it to the final! However, they lost. The last time they WON the final game was in 1979. I was in elementary school. LOL

Here are some pictures from the day. We got tickets for the game tomorrow, and we are sitting behind the Tennessee bench. GOOOO VOLLS! (and Go State, Go State!) At least either my team or Papa's team (MSU) wins. Hard to be unhappy either way.

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