Friday, July 17, 2009

Back Home

This week, I flew to Boston for a work meeting, and while I was there I got to see Bill. We had lobsters at No Name, and then we walked around Faneuil Hall Market. We saw Durgin Park which is where PM officially began as we met Bill and Steve for dinner and they were up for a challenge. Seems like so long ago.

On Thursday, I flew to Atlanta for a different meeting. My flight was delayed from Boston to Atlanta, but Caron was nice and waited for me anyway. I didn't get to the hotel until after midnight, and then I had to be up at the crack of dawn. The morning didn't start off so well, and then I dropped the bag in the elevator, the banana fell into my cheerios splashing milk all over me, and THEN, the hook fell off my jacket forcing me to sew so early.

The meeting was over early, and I actually got to fly home early. :) Whew...TGIF is all I have to say about this week. Glad to be home and look forward to a fun weekend.

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