Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This morning, we got up at the crack of dawn to head to the Barcelona Aiport. I thought Mom and Dad were being a bit cautious to suggest leaving at 7am. However, it turned out to be great timing. The Delta agent was pretty slow checking us in (although, we did have 7 bags!). Then, they brought a wheelchair to help Morgan through the airport.

Once we got through security, we waited for Grams, Papa, and Mark who were doing the VAT process(you can get the taxes back on things you buy if it is 120 Euros or more). We didn't see any shopping, so we went on through passport control. We got a bit to eat (and I got a tshirt), and then we went to the gate. Morgan got to board early, and it was great to get her settled, get the crutches put away, get her to the restroom, etc before everyone boarded.

This plane had the little TVs so we were excited. There were several people from the cruise on the flight. Morgan fell asleep right away, and I hated to wake her when they brought the food out. The TVs were having issues, and they had to reboot many times. Finally, they worked well.

We landed in Atlanta at 2:30 after having to circle 3 times due to storms in the area. We flew out of Atlanta at on a 4:25 flight that was about a half hour late. Morgan's foot was propped on my leg with her sleeping, so I crossed on leg to help balance myself. The lady in front of me insisted on leaning the seat all the way back. When she hit my knee as resistance, she just pushed harder. It hurt and was tacky, so I pushed back. She kept pushing back and I kept pushing with my knee. She called the flight attendant who told her not to lean back and told me not to kick the seat. I don't get why people feel they need to lean the seat back into your lap on an hour and a half flight - especially when there is a cast behind you and you are obviously causing issues behind you.

The service we used to take us and pick us up wasn't there, but they got there VERY fast. Props to Vereran's Limo service for getting the huge white van there so quickly. The cats seemed glad to see us. We get Sophie back early in the morning. Good night! Glad to be home!

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