Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday, Hanging Out

Today was a pretty great day. I started the day with step class, and I ended the day at a party at Travis' house. In the middle, I took a nap (a short one but a nap still the same), and I went to a movie with Morgan and her friend Erica.

Step class rocks! I wish I could go to more of them. I might try to hit the Thursday one this week as well. They are fun, and they burn a LOT of calories. :)

We saw the Ice Age 3D movie. It was cute. I love 3D. There was a cute weasel named Buck, and the baby mammoth. There were lots of cute lines in the movie. Morgan had fun seeing her friend Erica.

We had a small gathering at Travis and Lisa's house last night. It was fun to hang with the Bond family (extended family of course). We had some good laughs remembering the early days of Clinician. It was nice to get in the hot tub and the pool with the kids. Morgan even got to swim in her waterproof cast. 3 weeks - 1 day remaining of cast drama.

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