Saturday, August 29, 2009

Boat Day

Today, we went on the Bond boat. Morgan had choreography, so I didn't have any kids! It was pretty odd, but I had so much fun laughing with Courtney and Lisa in the back of the boat while Mike and Travis were having quality Boy time. We cracked up at Travis having a bath mat that he puts down so that nobody gets dirt into the boat. That combined with him taking a shower before getting back into the boat after swimming definitely earned him some grief. :) Almost as much as the Wii pants. :)

We cruised around, swam, and sang to Courtney"s ipod tunes. We had a lot of the same running tunes. We both said that we don't care what people say, Miley has some good running songs. :)

Morgan, Mike, and I went to the pool after the boat. I swam laps, and then we played. I was sooooo hungry after a while. I was impatient and wanted dinner. So, we went to Cracker Barrel. It was yummmmmmy. I had chicken tenders that were grilled, green beans, lima beans, and apples. I did also have a biscuit. :)

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