Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wow, Time Flies

I have been so busy that I have even struggled to find time to post things here. On August 6th, I got up at 3:30am to go to Denver for work. I had the 6:00 flight, and all was well. I landed in Denver around 10, and I met up with Krishan and Phil. We went to get a rental car, and Krishan picks this moment to tell me that he didn't get the rental car online after all as they were sold out.

Every car place was sold out except for one..Advantage Rental. They were charging ridiculous prices because nobody else had cars. Not only that, but everything was manual on the car. The windows had cranks, the doors didn't auto-clock. It was a riot.

We worked late and ate at Tokyo Joe's. It is kind of like Pei Wei, and it was good. I had shrimp and veggies with rice. We were going to get settled and then go to the hotel. I was amazed that the Hilton Garden Inn had supplied a welcome basket with my name printed on it and everything. It had nuts and stuff and two bottles of water. I keep trying to call Phil, and I give up and tell Krishan that I am going to head down. Phil was already there! He was on the treadmill (there was only one - boo hiss on the Hilton Garden Inn for only having one). When Phil finished the treadmill, I moved from the elliptical to the treadmill. I was doing the couch to 5k program, and I noticed that my left side was hurting. I only jogged for about one minute and I knew I needed to stop. It was really hurting.

We hung out for a bit talking and then hit the hay. I woke up a lot during the night, but by morning it was a dull ache. I went ahead to the treadmill and did the couch to 5K program. It hurt a little in the beginning, but then it felt fine. However, when I finished, it wasn't so fine. It was actually pretty painful. I figured it must be a kidney stone. I showered, and when I went down to meet the boys, it was very painful. In the car, it was really bad as I felt each and every bump. Finally around noon, I gave up and went to a doc. They ordered a CT and gave me pain meds. She put in an IV, and it was pretty funny as she made quite a mess. She told the doctor that they really needed to get better equipment as it looks like she shot me. :) I was a bit loopy as I drank the lovely gallon of stuff before the test.

When I got back after the CT, they gave me more pain meds through my IV and told me that the CT showed diverticulities and a partially obstructed colon. Lovely. We rushed out the door as all of this pushed us to barely make our flights. Phil and I were on the same flight to Atlanta, but I was upgraded so we weren't together. Thankfully, Phil got my old seat which turned out to be a pretty good seat.

The poor man next to me was miserable as I proceeded to puke in the barf bag all the way back. I haven't used a barf bag before, and they are pretty great little inventions. I was very thnakful to have it, and I felt really bad for the man next to me.

In Atlanta, Phil walked me to my gate. I made the next flight ok and only puked once. I have to say that on both flights, the Delta flight attendants were FANTASTIC. I need to write a letter. They were so kind to me, and they didn't make me feel badly for being sick. I got home around 1am.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were pretty boring, and the doc said that my colon had twisted but looked better now. He said I could only exercise once I was feeling no pain. :( By Tuesday, I was feeling good enough to go to the Triathlon training session, but I wasn't good enough to do the cycling the whole time. I hadn't ever been on a spin bike, so that was kind of fun. I started having bad pain though, so i didn't do the whole thing. I did get to hear what they were saying and to meet the other people, so that was nice. I had missed the first 2 sessions as I was out of town.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were MUCH, MUCH better. Morgan had choreography camp Mon - Wed, and their routine looks pretty cool. I can't wait to see them put it all together.

Saturday, Mike and I went for a bike ride after I went to step class (I had missed two weeks in a row), and then Morgan left for Universal with Alyssa. Mike and I went to the Rays game and to the B-52's concert afterward. The Rays won 8-3, and the B-52's rocked.

Sunday was triathlon prep day. We swam 1/4 mile, rode 11 miles, and walked/ran 2.6 miles (the tri is actually 3.1 miles but...). I am so happy to have done all of that in the same day even though we had long breaks in between each type of activity. We have 8 weeks to bring them closer and to get faster. What a great weekend.

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