Friday, August 28, 2009


Friday afternoon started with getting to see Courtney and Lisa. Yes, Lisa lives here, but I see her about as often as I get to see Courtney who doesn't live here. I must get better at planning things with people I don't see as often. :)

The Bonds had a party, and it was great to hang with everyone and to catch up with Courtney. We went on quite the shopping trip to Publix. :) Let's just say that the deli isn't too thrilled when you ask them to make a sandwich platter on the fly.

I didn't get into the pool or hot tub because everyone had gotten out already by the time i picked Morgan up from Choreography and got back. Camden was so sweet and laid down in my lap next to Morgan and said, "She is going to bed!" Riley was adorable too when Lisa said that Diet meant not for kids. He got this puzzled look, tilted his head, and quietly said, "not for kids?" It was hysterical. Reagan wasn't so sure about playing with me, but I love to watch him play.

This week was such a whirlwind, and it seemed like it went so fast and furious. I was simply exhausted by Friday and needed a break. It was such a nice treat to get to play in the afternoon since I took the afternoon off. I needed that.

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