Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bucs Game With Greg and Mike

Today, we went to the Bucs game with my college friend Greg. I had forgotten that Greg is a little slow to technology, and he is still not on Facebook. So, I knew a lot less about what he had been up to than my other friends. :)

He is a Green Bay fan, and he was in Orlando for a work conference. So, he drove over and we went to the Bucs game. it was a throwback game where they dressed in the old orange jerseys. They even gave out an orange shirt when you got inside the gate. I felt like I was at a Tennessee Vols game. I loved it! Poor Greg, he didn't love it that the Bucs won (nobody wants to lost to an 0-7 team - well, reallly 0-17 team when you go back to last year).

It was really windy at the game, but we had a great time! I still can't believe the Bucs won. Since Leroy Selmon got the ring of honor, we went to his restaurant for dinner. I hadn't been there in a long time. I had pulled pork, and it was really good.

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