Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Sand Hill Cranes Are BACK


The cranes are hopping up and down - never seen that before

Sophie is barking her head off at the cranes (she is down in front by the water)
This morning, Sophie was going crazy. Barking, pacing, running around. She has been acting really weird all week actually, but this morning she was REALLY excited.

Then, the sand hill cranes came right up to the back door. Morgan fed them bread. We think they are the same ones that come every year, but we aren't positive. Last year, they had a baby. No baby this year, so we aren't sure if it is grown and gone or if these aren't even the same ones. Regardless, we have our friends to enjoy through the winter.

This is the cell phone tower that they are building ON the campus of Morgan's school. Seriously. See the building in the picture on the left? that is the edge of her school building. I cannot understand WHY they must build it ON the property. There are fields all around. Why can't it go away from the school? There were protests there earlier this week, and all of the news cameras were there. I guess they didn't accomplish their goal though as the tower started this week. Sad.

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