Monday, February 1, 2010

Boycotting Hilton

I guess I have been such a bad blogger that I completely forgot to discuss my boycot of Hilton Hotels. When we went to Utah in December, the last stay of the year would have put me into Diamond status with them. I asked at the hotel outside of Salt Lake if the THREE night stay would count as a 2009 stay or a 2010 stay because I could always check out and check back in. They said it would count for the year that you check in, so it would be a 2009 stay. As I am sure you have guessed by now, it counted as 2010. Of course, I assumed that Hilton would honor it if I just called them. WRONG. I called, and they refused to change it. The girl on the phone said that I "might" get a challenge offer that would help me get there faster this year. Wow, thanks.

So, I am going to keep a running total of the nights I stay in OTHER hotels and nights that I get the people traveling with me to stay in OTHER hotels.

So far in January, I have 7 nights that have gone to Westin/W, and in Feb so far, I have 8 booked (with 3 of those nights tied to 6 other people who I would have gotten to stay at Hilton but we are now staying at W because of me). So through Feb, that is 15 for me + 18 for the people traveling with me for a total of 33 nights for the first two months of the year. I will continue the updates. Hilton, probably not the best customer service. I wonder how many others are also changing due to this kind of experience??

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