Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Today, we went running and swimming as a family. It was so fun to have everyone participate! Mike cooked a great dinner - pork, asparagus, brocolli, baked potato, salad. YUM. Then, we sat down to watch the game and the commercials. Morgan and Katie wanted to know if they could just skip the game. :) We filmed a commercial for Katie's class. It was pretty funny because she had to use British words in the skit (e.g. Bobby, Bees Knees, cheerio, blinding, beastly, bum, biscuits). I think they had 11 takes, and we certainly could have done more if we had time! All in all, it was a great, relaxing weekend!

I was torn about which team to cheer for in the game - I love Peyton, but it would be cool to see the Saints win.

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