Sunday, February 14, 2010

Morgan's team got 2nd at the Fair for both teams. She hit the pyramid on the youth team, so that was good. They had one fall on the youth team, and then the junior team had a tumbling collision again (not Morgan this time thankfully). So, they did well but not their best. The girls did ride in a limo from the gym to the Fair, so that was a blast! Morgan was SO excited. Coach Tori arranged it for her youth team, and it was so special for the girls. Tori is the best!
I was so happy that I wasn't in the limo with them, and I am sure the driver was wishing that he had ear plugs with all the screaming going on. :) We were at the fair until 6:30, so I was happy when we got home. :) It was a LONG cold day. It warmed up some during the day, but it seems to always be windy and cold when they are there every year.
Happy Valentine's Day!!! Mike went over the top this year! Flowers, Best Buy gift card, AND iTunes card for running songs. PLUS, he got chocolate. It was fantastic! Happy V Day!

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