Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hilton vs W

I stayed in the W again in Atlanta instead of the Hilton. I am starting to get used to the W. It is weird after being such a Hilton girl for so many years. I have talked to several people lately who have complained about the Hilton customer service line. It seems that in all cases, a diamond member (or in my case Gold who should be diamond) called in and tried to discuss an issue. Then, the customer service line basically refuses to try to help. I have previously had good customer service from them, but it seems to be declining.

Also, I guess Hilton changed the way they do awards, and they now require more points for a "free" night. I haven't heard a lot of rumbling about this, but I have heard some.

After one and a half months of traveling with W/Westin, this is my pro and con list for the hotels.

Store open 24 hours
Free water if you are gold
Free breakfast if you are gold
Some have nice workout equipment
Ok decorations
Restaurant usually onsite

Interesting decorations
Upgrade to a suite if possible
Mini bar in the room
Mini bar has TINY drinks and only 2 of each (read only 2 SMALL diet cokes)
No coke machines
Restaurant and room service offers better variety
Workoud room ok in W's, better in Westin

Next week, there are 9 people staying at W instead of Hilton all because I told them the story of my experience with Hilton. Interesting....

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