Monday, May 31, 2010

Week at HOME

I was home all week! It was so nice to be home. Mike was ALSO home. SHOCKER! I got to go to my group on Tuesday, got to be home for biggest loser finale (I didn't think it was fair that Koli got to be an at home player since he was never at home and Darrell had been at home all that time and did so well), and just got to feel "normal" by being around.

Saturday, Mike and I went for a long bike ride (32 miles!) and a short run after. It was fun to talk to Stacey for 25 of the 32 miles. It made the time fly! Mike rode with her husband Eric, so it was nice. Then, Morgan and I went to the pool for a couple of hours, and we ordered pizza for dinner.

Sunday, we went on the boat to Fort Desoto. It was our first boating trip of the year, and it was SO much fun. The weather was PERFECT! Mike took several people out on rides from the beach. We did have the lifeguard tell us that we needed to move to pick up people somewhere else. It was pretty funny as he was pretty cool, but he did say that we needed to move "where all the other boats are." We thought that was pretty funny. Then, Mike got pulled over by the police to make sure he had lifejackets, a fire extinguisher, and that the boat could have 10 people. Thankfully he had everything! :) FUN DAY! Then, Mike, Morgan, and I went back home to change and then went to Bonefish for dinner. YUMMY chilean sea bass and their to die for salad.

Monday, we took it easy. We were going to go on the boat, but I had a bit of sunburn from Sunday. So, Morgan and I got our nails done instead. :) We played cards, and Morgan and I had a tickle match (don't tell Grams who thinks tickeling is mean). We hadn't had a tickle match in years. It used to be a favorite of Morgan's and apparently it stil is. HAPPY Memorial Day! Thanks to all past and current military for fighting for our freedom.

This was also the happy birthday week for Grams and Papa! I hope you both had a great day!

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