Tuesday, August 10, 2010

7th Grade Orientation

Today, Morgan had 7th grade orientation. Wow, how did we get to 7th grade already?????? She was trying on clothes, putting on make up. Wow. I am not ready for all of this - slow it down!!!!! So, we get to the school, and of course the ONLY line in the entire gym was for 7th grade A - H. Really? I am not sure what the staff was doing, but it was SOOOOO slow. We FINALLY made it to the table, and then they say that we have to go to the nurse because of immunizations. Morgan can't have them right now, so we had to go back to the doctor to get the form. He had it filled out, but I didn't know that you had to have it to even pick up your schedule. Man. We went to pick it up, and came back. Thankfully, there wasn't a line. We get the schedule. Of course, Mogan has PE which she cannot take. We go to try to find out how we fix that, but they said that the new Florida 22 students in a Middle School class law is really messing up their scheduling. So, we will have to wait. We got the supply list, and we got to see one of her teachers. Whew. Can anyone teach me how to SLOW down this growing up thing?

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