Saturday, August 7, 2010

NY Trip

Morgan and Tori in First Class
Benjamin's Steakhouse
Morgan and I headed to NY City this week for several personal reasons, but we also had a LOT of fun. Tori came with us, and we met up with lots of Morgan's friends one day for some shopping. We managed to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Shopped ( at Hollister - 5 floors!!, Abercrombie, Victoria's Secret, American Eagle, American Girl, and many, many other local places and street people), saw Lion King, went to the top of the Empire State Building, toured time square, went to Ground Zero, and ate at some fabulous restaurants. Morgan also fell in love wtih NY pizza.
View of New York City

We ate at Benjamins, Gallo Nero, and Tao (well, we also ate at Applebee's but we won't talk about that). Benjamin's had an amazing salad with crab on it, and the steak was good too. The sauted spinach was some of the best I have ever eaten. Morgan gave the steak an A+. Gallo Nero was very yummy. I had a ravioli dish, and Morgan had salmon that she said was very good. We had some great wine, and they brought out a fantastic desert for Tori for her birthday! Tao was very good as well. Morgan had lo mein noodles, and I had shrimp. They had fortune cookies with pudding in them for dessert. Pretty interesting idea. The atmosphere was great.

We loved Time Square. We stayed at the Hilton by Times Square, and it was a great location. We rode the "pedi cabs" where the guy on the bike pulls you. We liked that. We got pretty familar with the avenues and streets, and we could find our way around pretty well. We went to Serendipty for some frozen hot chocolate, but there was a really long wait. Next door, some place had become a knock off I guess to get the business when there was a wait. Smart people. We had their frozen hot chocolate, but Tori said that it wasn't as good as Serendipity. Next time.

We really liked the Lion King. We even got to meet Mufasa after the show. Unknowingly, we asked him to take our picture. He was so super nice and stopped to talk to us and took our picture. He rocks!
At Tao
On Top of Empire State Building
On Top of Empire State Building
On Top of Empire State Building
On 102nd Floor of Empire State Building
On 102nd Floor of Empire State Building - Hey Tori, watch the elevator!
At Empire State Store
on 102nd floor
Limo took us back from Empire State Building
Limo shot
Times Square
Girls With Holister Model

Champagne and Stawberries - Happy Birthday Tori!

Statue of Liberty

We met Mufasa after the show (he is awesome!)

World Trade Center Site - Ground Zero

Bell of Hope at Ground Zero

Pepsi Refresh Vote Today

Tori's Birthday Dessert

At Lion King

After Lion King

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