Friday, August 20, 2010

Pepsi Refresh

Without going into all the details, I need to give a HUGE shout out to Pepsi. Did you know that each and every month they are donating 1.3 Million dollars. Yes, that was a MONTH and MILLION in the same sentence. If you know me at all, you know that I am a Diet Coke addict. I love my diet coke. I try very hard to not have too much, but I LOVE it.

However, I am so impressed with the Pepsi commitment to communities and charities, I am hereby switching my purchasing to Diet Pepsi. Not that I won't drink Diet Coke, but for my home drinking, I will be buying Pepsi at least more than Coke.

CureJM is an organization that is trying to find a cure for a childhood immune disorder that is called Dermatomyositis. They are currently in 2nd place to win a grant from Pepsi for $250,000. I am sure that will go a really long way. The top two items win, so they just need to hang onto 2nd. The first place slott is to raise money for Rett's syndrome. Pepsi lets people vote and they fund the ideas. Some are community parks, classes and camps. Others are for medical cures, etc. What a fantastic idea, and I want to THANK PEPSI!

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