Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nashville/20 Year Reunion

I got back to Nashville Wednesday night, and I had a great Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with the family. It was so good to hang out with mom, Dad, Morgan, and Mike. Thursday, we hung out at Grams and Papa's. Morgan and Grams did activities while I worked. For dinner, we went to Sperry's for dinner. I had never been there, but it has a long time reputation in Nashville. I thought it was amazing how it is in a strip mall (well the new Cool Springs one), but when you open the door you would never imagine that you are in a strip mall. Crazy. I had steak that was really, really good, and the salad bar was really nice as well. Two thumbs up!

Friday, I worked at home again at Grams and Papa's. After a crazy day, we went to a mexican restaurant. I had forgotten how nice it is to be able to choose from SO many different Mexican places. We ate at Las Palmas. Man, it was good to be at a "real" Mexican place. YUM. Margaritas. YUM food. YUM. :)

After dinner, I met some high school friends at Boscos. It was fun to catch up with John, Audrey, and Adam. Amy J came later that night, and we ended up closing Boscos, and then we went across the parking lot to Losers 2 which had live music. We thought it was hysterical that it was 1. A bar named Losers and 2. It was the second bar named Losers. Too funny. We had fun. The band was pretty good, but it was REALLY loud.

Saturday, i got up and ran my 6 miles, and then we went to a picnic off of Concord Rd. It was nice to see my old high school classmates, but it was also a little weird. I was surprised at how many still lived there. That afternoon, I took Morgan to see Amy J's horse, pony, and donkey. We had so much fun getting to meet Anna and Harrison. They are adorable kids, and that Anna is a riot. Morgan thought Harrison was cute. :) We laughed that the donkey's nickname is Obama. :) Morgan rode Buster, and we petted Sugar. Amy was giving Morgan tips on how to get a horse from your parents. Bad Amy, Bad.  It was a great time.

Saturday night, the Brentwood High reunion was held at the Marriott. I can't believe it has been 20 years. CREEPY. It was fun to see everyone. It seemed like we had a LOT of lawyers. Lots of kids. Somehow, I ended up with the most kids award. I thought that was hysterical since I only had one of them. Oh well. They went by how old the oldest was, and Mike was too thrilled to yell out 16. Too funny. I even got a ribbon.

Sunday, we flew back home. I had been gone for 10 days, and it was so nice to get home. However, I really love Tennessee and my family. I am so glad I got to spend some time there. LOVE my Grams and Papa (aka Mom and Dad).

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