Saturday, November 13, 2010

15 Miles - DONE!

Thankfully, Travis agreed to run with me. Of course, he showed up late. Carmen went ahead without me because it was her daughter's birthday and she wanted to get home. I knew that I needed company or I wouldn't make the 15 miles. Thankfully, he didn't bail. I wasn't sure he would really come.

About a mile into the run, he tells me that he hasn't run more than 9 miles and that was a couple of weeks ago. UGH...However, this is Travis who works out regularly and runs faster than me. I figure that he will pull through with 15 like he did when we did 11 at this same place. Since I run slowly, I felt like he would hang.

It was a pretty tough run for me. I felt bad much earlier than I did last week. Not sure why...maybe the temp as it was really chilly last week. Not really sure, but I was struggling early. I recovered but then struggled again around 12.5 and the last mile was really tough. I am not sure I really want to know what 26.2 feels like. I guess I will just keep going at this point and see what happens.

When we were between 13 and 14, this bicycling guy tells us that there is a rattlesnake up ahead. Uh....a what??????????? Isn't it winter? Aren't they supposed to be hibernating? Then, I SEE the freaking thing. It is ENORMOUS. It was right on the path. Of course, my bestie Travis just leaves me. Even this nice lady near us leaves me. I am terrified. I do not want to make the snake mad. Travis and lady went to the right of it, but that is the direction it is going. I finally force myself to go to the left of it (thinking surely it would take at least a milisecond longer for it to turn around and attack me) while travis is saying, "just sprint by it Amy." HA HA HA. First of all, there is no sprint in my legs. :) Secondly, aren't you not supposed to sprint when you don't want an animal to attack you? Hmm...anyway...I didn't like it at all. However, the endorphins did help me survive the rest of the run. :)

THANKS TRAVIS! I appreciate your company on the run! Looking forward to next Saturday and 16 - 17!

We went to dinner at Dickey's BBQ. It opened a while ago near us, but we haven't been. It was pretty good. I had a pulled pork sandwich. Been a long time since I had some good ole pulled pork.

Then, we went to see Life As We Know It. It is a story about a couple who dies and leaves custody to their two best friends who are not dating and who don't like each other. It is a very, very funny movie. We really enjoyed it.

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