Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in Hilton Head

We drove to Hilton Head for Thanksgiving, and we had a fantastic time with the family. We didn't do much outside of the condo, which was fine with me! We played some games, relaxed, read, watched football, and ATE! Grams and Papa outdid themselves as always - YUM!

It was so nice to see Tracy even though it was only for a day. Also, we had Susab with us, and it was awesome to get to know her better. Michael, Katie, and Morgan had fun even though they are used to more action in Hilton Head! We saw Harry Potter and Tangled at the movies.

On Saturday, I did my first 18 mile run. Unfortunately, my knee started hurting ,and I stumbled on a tree root and hurt it. I really struggled to make it back the last 5 miles or so. I hope it gets better quickly! Mikie did 12 miles today! Way to go Mike! So proud of you!

We drove home on Sunday and didn't hit too much traffic. It was a fantastic family weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!

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