Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Atlanta Again

I left on Monday morning early to go to Atlanta again. This time, I stayed in the Hilton Suites. After my frist quarter boycott of Hilton, I have ended up getting back to gold again this year (no Diamond for sure!). I am also gold at the W (starwood). I guess it is good enough to be gold on both. I am Platinum again on Delta. I have definitely been traveling wayyyy too much! I am hopeful that 2011 brings a less travel.

Robin W was in my meetings. It was SO good to see her and to get to catch up with her. It felt like old times and was awesome. I hope that we continue to work together more in the future.

Good meetings...good socializing...bad diet. :) I did get up and run on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I didn't go as far as I should have.

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