Friday, August 15, 2008

iMedica and Misys

I have had several requests for info about the iMedica and Misys situation. Of course, I don't have any information other than what has been made public (unless someone wants to give me some :) ). I will say that I am not that surprised that there is trouble in paradise. I think the expectations of Misys were unrealistic when you are licensing another company's software. I also think it was pretty silly to directly compete against each other. I would think iMedica would be happy to sell copies regardless of who actually sold them as long as the service component was done correctly. According to the interview on HIStalk, it appeared that they were directly competing against each other "tooth and nail." I would imagine that the interview was not very well liked at Miys. It certainly didn't paint Misys in a very good light.

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