Sunday, August 3, 2008

House Back to Normal, Instinct Phone

We had a fantastic weekend. It wasn't really that exciting, but Mike's parents moved into their own place. :) I know they are probably as happy as we are to be out of our house and back on their own. It had been a while since I had long-term visitors. No matter who the guest is, it is difficult to have people stay with you for a long period of time. I hope we have some good karma in the bank since we tried to do what was right. :) I will think long and hard before telling someone else they can stay at our house. :)

Mike helped them move out Saturday morning, and then Dana came and took the kids school clothes shopping. Morgan and I got our nails done, and then we went looking for birthday presents. Best Buy was having some sales and seemed to offer most of the items on her possibilities list. :) When we got there, we looked at cameras, and then we looked at the cell phones. We looked at the Samsung Instinct (the one Sprint calls the iPhone killer), and we fell in love. It is awesome. Everything is touch, and it gives feedback by a slight vibration when you touch the keys so you can tell you touched it. It also has a stylus, an extra battery, a case, a 2gb mini-sd card, and headphones/microphone. Sprint started this new program for long-time customers (nice to see a company reward loyalty - I got Sprint's brand new at the time PCS service back in 97) so we got a wonderful deal on two phones! We also changed the plan (it is actually cheaper!) so that we have unlimited texting, sprint tv, radio, email, web access, etc. So far, it has been a huge hit.

We watched the movie True Lies on Saturday night at home (well, Morgan and Michael were playing SIMS). I had forgotten how hysterical that movie is. "Leave the hooker alone." "Harry, will you let me handle this?"

Sunday, we slept in late (yipee!), and then we had breakfast of waffles or biscuits and gravy. Mike also made bacon (someone had the nerve to throw away a piece of bacon and Mike had his feelings hurt. Nobody ever confessed though). When I was leaving to go to the grocery store to get a few things for breakfast, a firetruck, an ambulance, and another fire vehicle arrived to take our next door neighbor away on a stretcher. We aren't sure what happened, but I hope she is ok.

Then we went to Office Depot for Mike to get school supplies for the kids. Thanks to Grams, Morgan and I didn't have to worry about that. Then, Chris wanted to trade in some games at Games Stop to upgrade to a PlayStation 3. We got 80+ games and took them to the store. After lots and lots of barcode scanning, he announces that Chris has 310 bucks to spend. Unfortunately, the PS3 is 500. So, PS3 becomes his birthday present, and we drive to the only other Game Stop in Tampa that HAD a PS3 in stock. Then, we went to Target. (Those of you who know how much I hate to shop are wondering about my sanity of doing all of this with a husband and 4 children). Katie wanted to get a new comforter, sheets, etc. She found one she likes, and I ask to go look at the vaccuums. Mike gets all grumpy, and I am shocked since we have been doing all that he wanted to do all day to this point. So, I got a little snappy. :) I went to the checkout line. Well, Mike decided to be a pain and stand in the vaccuum area. He sent Michael to get us at one point. Morgan and I finally walk back there, and we are fighing in the store when this woman walks by. She says, "honey, I have so been where you are and I feel your pain." I start cracking up, and our fight was over. Gotta love it. :) I did get a cute little Shark vaccuum cleaner for our downstairs.

Mike grilled dinner (hamburgers and hotdogs and salad), and it was great. Mike was the handyman tonight and took apart Morgan's bunk beds. Now, she has a twin and Katie has the other one. They are growing up way too fast. They are all interested in how their rooms look, in clothes, and in the Jonas Brothers (who Katie says will be better than the Beatles one day - hee hee). I simply cannot believe that Morgan will be double-digits, Chris will start driving, Katie is in middle school, Michael and Morgan are in their last year of elementary, etc, etc, etc. Better enjoy the time while it lasts. :)

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  1. Interesting..! Well, I too shopped at Office Depot and got nice school supplies for my sweet daughter.