Sunday, November 6, 2011

The ATM Ate my Card

I rushed through a Bank of America ATM yesterday as I realized Morgan didn't have $20 for the carnival she was going to. Instead of crossing the street and going to my bank, I took the "easy" way and used the Bank of America that was right there. About 2 hours later, I look for my Debit card and it is gone. I retrace my steps through Publix and think it must be somewhere. Then, with that feeling in the pit of my stomach I realize that I left it in the Bank of America machine.

So, Wachovia figured this out years ago and gave you your card back BEFORE it gave you money and a receipt. I guess Bank of America hasn't figured this out. I am so used to getting the receipt and moving on, that I didn't even think about this different machine. Shame on me.

Thankfully, some nice person called it in as lost immediately so it was all ok. Whew. Score one for the good guys.

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