Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gimme My Damn Data

To quote e-patient Dave, "Give me my damn data." Around midnight or so yesterday the 11th, I starting having pain in my right kidney. Since i have an extensive history of kidney stones, I knew what that likely meant. However, this time seemed a bit different. Maybe an infection or something? The pain became unbearable around 7pm, so we went to the ER. I had pain medicine to take but this seemed just enough different than my "normal" kidney stone past, I felt like I should get it checked out. My kidney is VERY tender to touch. I don't remember ever feeling this before. I am almost in tears just from sitting in a chair and having the chair barely touch that area. Additionally, my right side is physically swollen where the kidney is.  That isn't typical for me either.

So, off we go to St. Joseph's North - the newest ER and one close to me. It was a fabulous ER from a design perspective. Very nicely done. My nurse, Tiffany, was awesome. They ordered a CT, urine, and blood tests. I had some Toradol via IV and some Zofran. It helped for an hour or so and then the pain started getting worse. I think Tiffany must have gone on break as we couldn't get ANY help for almost an hour. My pain was getting worse and worse and worse and my IV was dry. My daughter pushed the call button three times and went into the provider hallway to get help. It was an excruciating hour. When she came back, she administered the morphine that was ordered an hour before. The CT scan showed stones in kidney but no stone in ureter. However, it showed inflammation in the ureter. The doc said that I may have just passed a nasty stone and the inflammation may be causing pain that feels similar to a stone. I asked for a copy of my blood work, urine, and CT scan, and I was told that I couldn't have it. I would have to wait until Medical Records on Monday.

Today, I am still in extreme pain and even with the toradol, percocet, and zofran, the pain is pretty significant. I keep sitting here wondering what the results all showed. I wish I had the CT report, the blood work, and the urinalysis report.

Recently, I found the Society for Participatory Medicine (SPM), and I loved all that they are doing. Managing Morgan's care with her Dermatomyositis can be a full time job just trying to keep her health information recorded and organized. I feel strongly in the e-patient movement and enabling patients to be partners in their healthcare and having choices in the treatments that they receive. Now, this kidney stone event has just added to my love for this movement. GIVE ME MY DAMN DATA!

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