Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9 of Thankfulness

This is probably cheating since i already listed family, but I am so incredibly thankful to have my parents as my parents. I truly cannot imagine better parents. Of course, when I was 16, 17, and 18, I didn't quite have that opinion and I am pretty sure they wanted to disown me a few times. :) Man, I hope that Morgan is a bit better of a teen. :)

But, the important thing (as my other says) is that they have been such incredible role models for me and they have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS made sure that I knew they were on my side. When I think back on my life, no matter what the situation was, I always call my parents and talk about it. They listen, try not to judge, and offer advice or assistance or sympathy or just listen. They also know that i might not do whatever it is that they are suggesting and that is ok. They allowed us all to make mistakes without holding it over our heads for the rest of our lives like I see happen with friends parents.

Also, they are so amazingly generous that they have always tried to make sure we had things even if it meant they went without. I certainly didn't always understand that as a kid, but I do now. They have taken us to amazing travel places so that we could experience them, and it has been incredible to get to see such amazing places. However, the BEST part of any of those trips (hands down) is that we spent such time together as a family. It has provided all of us with such a foundation that we can all rely on when times are good and bad.

My parents also worked very very hard. They taught us all that hard work is a very important personality trait. All three of their kids are extremely hard workers and I think that is a direct lesson from our parents.

On top of it all, I think they really taught us how to treat people. My parents have a great respect for people. We were taught that respect early on and you can see it in all of our lives.

I could probably go on and on and on and on about my parents as they truly are the most incredible people I know. THANKS MOM AND DAD!!! I love you so much.

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