Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Beginnings

I had forgotten how refreshing change can be. I tend to agonize over big decisions carefully weighing all the options and making excessive lists of positives and negatives of each option. In the end though, I think I always end up going with my gut. Sometimes, that works. Sometimes, not so much. I hope this one is right because it certainly feels right!!!! The buzz I have felt today (no I haven't been drinking this time) has been electric. Something is amazing about creating new things from scratch. I truly love it!

What a whirlwind of a few years with three aquisitions within a 3 year period...a bit too many. I have thought of writing a book on what I learned through all these acquisitions. I certainly learned some things that work well and some things that SHOULD NOT BE DONE - EVER! :) It is funny what acquisitions do to people. The first two were SO close to me that it was difficult to see everything happening at the time. The second one I felt much more prepared for, but still looking back it wasn't so clear. However, the third one was a little farther removed, and it was so very interesting to watch how people handle it. Sometimes, I saw others make the same mistakes I had made in the past, and I thought,  "wow I won't ever do that again." Other times, I got to share experiences with others and help them figure out ways to deal with situations in a positive way and that felt really good.

It had been such a hard fall last year when the product that was my baby was not going forward. It had such amazing potential, and I felt much like I do with my kids when they don't get a shot at something or something doesn't go their way. But, it could do such great things! But, don't you see this amazing thing? Seriously, you don't get this? I understood the business decision and why, but it still hurt. Then, I had new teams and we really came together. I really felt great progress being made, and I enjoyed them all. We had fun, and we worked hard. So, this made it hard to make a decision. I find over and over in my life and career that the people are really what make all the difference. Part of my challenge with the software issue wasn't the software, but it was having to tell the team that it wasn't going forward. Worrying about the team and not wanting to lose the great team we had. I also didn't want to let me newer teams down.

In the end though, we have to do what we think is best for us. I really enjoyed my time at all of these companies - weird that with them all combined I had actually worked for the same company since 1997 even though I left in 2005 and ended up back through the acquisitions. A ton of great people there, and I have so many friends there. But, when an opportunity of a lifetime comes around and has the opportunity to make a huge difference on the lives of your child and other people like her, you just have to go for it. Otherwise, you might always wonder....what if. So, new beginnings, new I come!!!

And, I actually have ZERO business travel booked at this time which is really, really nice. Ahhh...bed....I missed you. :) 

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