Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another fun day

Today, we woke up to snow and went to bed with snow. All day long we
had snow. :) however, we didn't get to go skiing because of it. So,
Linda, Heidi, and I went to Walmart and bought lots of small sleds
(flat sheets that were slippery on the bottom). We went to a
neighborhood spot, and everyone had a blast! We went down that hill
for about 5 hours straight. I have video that i will upload and lots
of great pictures but I am too tired to figure out how to distribute
right now. Tonight, we went to a Mexican place (Morgan wanted to know
why they eat so much Mexican in Utah), and then the girls went to see
the princess and frog movie while the boys went to avitar. Tomorrow,
we are skiing in Park City. Tomorrow night, Linda and Bubba are having
a party. We are having a great time. I hope you all are enjoying the
holidays. Happy New Year!!!!!

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