Sunday, December 27, 2009

Picture from Zion

We drove through Zion National Park today. It was really amazing to
see the beautiful rocks and mountains. Some were snow capped and some
weren't. There was some snow on the ground, so the kids had a great
time playing in it. We laughed when Morgan didn't want to go at first
and she said, "wow, some rocks with moss on them." of course, she
loved it as we went and she thanked us for going. We saw some Ostrich
and Morgan said, "oh look, there are ostri." then, there was a fruit
company with fruit trees. Mike said ,"look at all the fruit trees."
Katie said, "too bad they are all dead." mike had to explain that they
were just dormant in the winter. :)

We played a word game in the car where you have to add letters to make
a word and if the word stops with you then you get a letter. Facitious
was the best one of the day.

We are at some Mexican place in cedar city. It was really good. Then,
we stopped to get gas and there was the coolest smoothies/milkshake
machine. You picked tour flavor in this little carton and then set it
in this metal cup. It was then sucked into the machine and turned into
a smoothies or milkshake. The kids loved it, so of course we got 4. :)

We drove to Provo where we are spending the night. Tomorrow, we are
Salt Lake bound.

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