Thursday, December 10, 2009

SIX MILES COMPLETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning, I managed to fight off nervousness and excuses, and I got out and ran. I am still battling the kidney stone, but it wasn't hurting for the first 5 miles. That last mile was hard. My back hurt by my kidney, my bladder cramped, my legs hurt, my toes hurt...BUT, I kept going. I just ran until the next street sign, the next turn in the road, the next whatever. I took three sips of water at each place I made it. By the last quarter mile, I was enjoying it again. There were these workers pouring concrete right by my house, and they smiled at me each time I passed them (3 times). This other lady was pushing her child in a stroller as a workout, and I am not sure I was looking pretty good as she said" at least you are trying." I am not sure that is a good sign as I don't really want people to say "at least you are trying" LOL.

I felt pretty strong except for 5.25 - 5.75. That was a rough half mile. I did it though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Boo to kidney stones. I think you got that second wind to complete that last mile. Way to go Amy. This makes me way to get up early to do some Pilates. I haven't done anything during this pregnancy.

  2. Thanks Kim! I can't imgine doing Pilates while prenant! That is amazing!

    Congrats on the pregnancy by the way!

  3. Ignore the neighbor--obviously she wasn't out running six miles! So proud of you :).