Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fun day skiing

Today, we skiied at Sunbasin. It had a great beginner area. The kids
did a great job after their 2 hour lesson. Mike and I were amazed at
then flying down the slopes!

I did a lessson too, and my instructor John took me on the beginner
slope for a bit and then took me up the big mountain. I started to
remember after an hour or so. I could definitely tell I had been
running and such as my legs did y hurt at all. My knees are a little
sore but just a little.

We ended the day with some fantastic hot chocolate and the kids saying
they can't wait to go tomorrow.

Michael and Katie had never seen snow fall until today, so they loved
it when it started snowing around noon.

Tonight, we are eating with Bubba and Mark's families. The kds are
having fun with all of them!

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