Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I flew to Atlanta today for a work meeting, and as I got to the airport, I found out that my flight was canceled. The check in desk said that I could go standby on a different flight, and I did get on that flight. However, I went from 3A (first class) to 31E (back of plane in the middle) - DOH. However, it is a short flight, so it was ok. Atlanta was getting ice, so they were cancelling flights.

Krishan and I met up at the aiport and rode MARTA to the office area. Julie and Nimon happend to be in class that day, so they came and picked us up. We had a fantastic dinner at Uncle Julios. This is my favorite place to eat in Atlanta now when I am there. Great mexican food. Yum. Their margaritas are awesome too! Julie just did her first marathon, and it was good (although a bit scary) to hear about it. I am doubtful that I am going to be able to run on Sunday, but I am going to give it until mile 8 to decide. I have been battling this stupid IT band knee pain for 3 weeks, and I never got to do my 20 mile training run. On top of that, I have hardly run in the last 3 weeks at all because of this dumb knee pain. I have gotten some prescription patches for inflammation and some other pain control patches, but they don't seem to be helping. I have bought 6 different knee braces, but none of them seem to be helping. I am so sad, but I think I will end up bagging the marathon and walking the half. I WILL do one in the future though. :)

I ended up going back to the Hilton and working late. It was SO good to be with Krishan, Julie, and Nimon. There is a bond that exists with all of us who went through the "old days" and it created relationships that are lasting and special.

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